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DreamIT ESL, Inc.’s mission is to offer English Language instruction in order to empower students to succeed in the 21st Century global community, confident in their language abilities for whatever practical, professional, and/or academic personal goals they pursue.


About DreamIT ESL, Inc.


At DREAMIT ESL, INC., we provide high quality ESL instruction to non-native speakers of English in various levels of proficiency in order to ensure that all students, regardless of age (18+), gender, occupation or ethnic background, receive proper support in the classroom to meet their academic, social/practical, or professional needs. At DREAMIT ESL, INC. students will acquire new knowledge, while enhancing their prior knowledge of English through use of visuals, repetition, exams, peer-group work, casual and formal writing assignments, listening exercises, reading comprehension exercises, and excursions for cultural enrichment. At the same time, DREAMIT ESL, INC. will strive to provide a culturally-rich educational facility, where students can be certain that they are in the care of professional and experienced staff and instructors. At DREAMIT ESL, INC., various teaching methodologies and professional development for both staff and instructors are highly encouraged because we find it absolutely necessary in order to provide students with the exceptional care and instruction they deserve. Advisement will be available to students at all times when requested (academic or personal), as well as access to various student services such as basic information on health insurance, how to obtain a driver’s license, pamphlets/brochures for local attractions, exhibits, as well as transportation, to name a few. We believe the programs we offer at DREAMIT ESL, INC. will greatly contribute to students achieving the majority of their goals, and we will make every effort to make these goals a reality. DreamIT ESL is certified by BPSS from 07/15/2022 to 07/15/2026 and the school is accredited by CEA.

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