Important School Policies

Admissions Policy

DreamIT ESL, Inc. accepts all qualified applicants for admission, both from the United States and worldwide. Candidates must demonstrate that they have an interest in learning ESL and an ability to successfully complete the requirements for the course of study that they wish to enroll, and their eligibility to study in the United States. DreamIT ESL, Inc. is an equal opportunity organization which does not discriminate for any reason including but not limited to race, creed, color, gender, nation of origin, age, or disability.

For Students in U.S. (Non I-20):

Non I-20 students who wish to attend ESL courses at our institution must follow these specific steps:

  • Fill out and submit an enrollment agreement form (NOTE: Full tuition must be paid when an applicant applies to the program).
  • Submit the following documents
  • o Copy of Identification—e.g., passport, driver’s license, or state ID

    o Copy of highest diploma or transcript

  • Take the necessary placement examinations.
  • Sign an enrollment agreement form and pay all of the required fees.
  • Attend new student orientation and receive a student handbook.
  • Begin studies.

Admission and Placement Test

1Placement Test
Initial student placement is determined by a standardized placement test by Oxford University Press consisting of questions that will test the skills for reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Students will take a placement test during the Orientation week. DreamIT ESL, Inc. uses Online Oxford Testing.
The Academic Coordinator will work with the Agent and student to determine the best program for his or her English language goals. Consideration of student goals is of paramount importance to DreamIT ESL, Inc. During the first few days of classes, faculty members are encouraged to informally assess the students. If the faculty member feels that a student is misplaced, s/he should address the concern to the academic coordinator. Similarly, students are also encouraged to express their concerns regarding the level of class difficulties to the academic coordinator if it occurs.
After being informed by either student or faculty members, the academic coordinator performs some investigation through the review of placement scores for both Oxford Online Test and Speaking test. Then, the academic coordinator will communicate with both the student and faculty regarding any changes.
Depending on the recommendation, a student may have another class to move into, or if no such class is available or convenient to the student, a refund can be issued in accordance with the enrollment agreement.
2For Students in U.S.:
Students who wish to attend ESL courses at our institution must follow these specific steps:
  • Fill out and submit an application form and pay all of the required fees. There is a $100, non-refundable registration fee. Full tuition must be submitted when an applicant applies to DreamIT Edu- ESL Courses.
  • Fill out and submit an enrollment agreement form
  • Submit the following documents
    • Copy of Identification—e.g., passport, driver’s license, or state ID
    • Copy of highest diploma or transcript
  • Take the necessary placement examinations.
  • Sign an enrollment agreement form, pay all of the required fees and receive school catalog.
  • Attend new student orientation
  • Begin your course
First time registrants are required to attend the new student orientation, which will review all registration processes and policies. During the orientation, students will also meet with an Agent to thoroughly review the process of entering the United States for the purpose of study and how best to study. An introduction to living in the United States and places of importance in the surrounding areas are also discussed if desired. Students should register for classes as soon as they are eligible to do so before classes get full. Following an advice session with each student, a placement exam is given. It will be graded by a qualified person on staff and placement will be determined

Students with Disabilities

DreamIT ESL, Inc.’s campus is handicapped accessible. DreamIT ESL, Inc. is committed to providing reasonable accommodation for all members of the DreamIT ESL, Inc. community. Please discuss any need for accommodation with your agent.

Academic Standards and Policies

Report to the DreamIT ESL, Inc. student Agent as soon as possible.
2Review Documents Proving Eligibility to Study in the U.S.
Students without U.S. citizenship may require proof of eligibility to enroll and study in the United States. DreamIT ESL, Inc. does not currently offer I-20s for international students.
3Address Validation
The student must notify the institution when he/she changes contact information—mailing address, phone number, email address, etc.
4Attendance Policy
All students must strictly follow attendance policies. Students must maintain 80% of attendance during their course. Attendance is considered for every class and each course. Consequences of students who have incurred excessive absences are as follows:
5Grading and Grading System
DreamIT ESL, Inc. classes are non-credit courses. Either a letter grade or status report is assigned each quarter for every course for which a student is registered following the second week of classes. The term “letter grade” refers to A through F and in certain circumstances to INC or W.

Letter Grade Quality of Achievement Percent Grade G.P.A.
A+ Excellent 97-100 4.0
A 93-96 3.7
A- 90-92 3.3
B+ Good 87-89 3.0
B 83-86 2.7
B- 80-82 2.3
C+ 77-79 2.0
C 73-76 1.7
C- 70-72 1.3
D+ Low 67-69 1.0
D 63-66 0.7
D- 60-62 0.0
F Fail Less<60 0.0
INC Incomplete --- ---
W Withdrawal --- ---
6Class Advancement Policy
Students must achieve a minimum passing final grade of C or higher. For every course, students must pass each class and maintain an average of C or higher in order to progress to the next level.

For the students who do not enroll in a full course (216 hours), the students must pass the class and maintain an average of C or higher in order to continue to the other part(s) of the curriculum. Students will not be permitted to move to the next level nor the other part (s) of the curriculum until they receive a passing grade at their current level/ course.

If the students do not meet the class advancement policy stated, students are required to repeat the same courses. However, the students are only allowed to repeat the same courses twice.
Students are considered to have completed the program after successfully passing the Advanced II course that meets the student’s personal goals.
8Academic Report Policy
Report Card

All students will receive a written final report at the end of the semester. A final grade report contains the student's name, the course name, a midpoint score, cumulative score, final grade, and the instructor comments. There is also an explanation of letter grades, the achievement scale and its interpretation in the final report. The students can find a list of student learning outcomes with a color-coded system to mark if the student is able to, almost there, or unable to demonstrate mastery of each student learning outcome listed in the curriculum.

In the middle of the semester, students who register in the Intensive English Program will receive the progress report which contains similar information as the final report. The students registered in English for the Real World Program will receive bi-weekly feedback report focusing on students’ progress throughout the semester.

Grade Appeals

If a student feels that a grade they have been given in a particular course is unfair, they are first advised to speak directly with the instructor of the class in question. If a discussion with the faculty member does not resolve the issue, the student should write a written appeal stating the course, grade, and the grade they feel they have earned; this document should be given to the Director of ESL, who will arrange a meeting with the faculty member, the student’s agent, and the student to resolve the issue.
9Leave of Absence
Any student may request a Leave of Absence for up to 30 days. This request must be made in writing and submitted to the Academic Director for approval prior to the beginning of the leave. The Academic Director will grant the leave if the reason is found to be valid. Examples of valid reasons for taking a Leave of Absence include situations such as a severe illness, injury, or other personal emergency. Vacations are not valid reasons for a Leave of Absence. Only one leave of absence may be granted to a student in any 12-month period, not a calendar year.
10Academic Probation
Any student who is absent more than 30 percent of the total number of hours offered during each marking period of the student’s program, excluding an approved leave of absence, or who has not maintained a cumulative G.P.A of 2.0, will be placed on academic probation. The probationary period is one quarter. The school shall dismiss any student who at the end of the academic probation period fails to raise his or her cumulative G.P.A. to 2.0 or higher, or who fails to maintain attendance for at least 80 percent of the instructional hours offered during the probationary period. In order to avoid academic difficulties, students are encouraged to seek out extra help during teacher’s office hours when necessary; faculty will provide clarification in both oral and written formats as needed.
Any student who has withdrawn from the school and desires re-admittance must sign a new enrollment agreement for the hours remaining to complete the program. The student will be retested to determine their level of proficiency. Any tuition due to the school will be determined and payment must be arranged before readmittance. Students will be charged at the hourly rate for the hours that they need to complete the program. Students will be permitted to re-enter at the discretion of the Academic Director and after a review of their academic records. A student requesting re-admittance after failing to maintain satisfactory progress will not be admitted for one grading period. If reinstated as a regular student, he or she will be placed on academic probation until at least the following grading period.

Student Conduct and dismissal

Each student has a responsibility to uphold the standards of the community and to take action when others violate them. Instructors and Agents have an obligation to educate students in keeping with the standards of student conduct and dismissal to report violations of these standards. Students are responsible for knowing what the standards are and for adhering to them. Students should also bring any violations of which they are aware to the attention of their instructors. Student conduct expectations include strict adherence to academic integrity policies.

Violations of student conduct and dismissal include:

  • copying from or giving assistance to others on an examination;
  • plagiarizing portions of an assignment;
  • using forbidden material on an examination;
  • using a purchased quarter paper;
  • presenting the work of another as one's own;
  • altering a graded examination for the purposes of re-grading.

Faculty who believe that violations have occurred will immediately contact the Academic Director. Students who suspect that other students are involved in actions of academic dishonesty should speak to the instructor of the course. The first violation will result in the student receiving an "F" on the assignment or test in question. The "F" will be averaged in the course to yield the final grade. The second violation will result in an automatic failure for the course. Students must apply to the Academic Director for readmission.