Advanced 1 First Half
High quality ESL instruction to non-native speakers of English


The course is designed to build upon emerging academic English language skills to engage in speaking, listening, writing, and reading tasks which are relevant to their professional, personal, and academic life. The class is taught using a student-centered communicative approach to English language learning. The total time of the course is 108 hours.


Class schedule TBD

Length of Study

12 Weeks (108 Hours)

Course Code

Reading & Writing (R301)
Listening & Speaking (C301)

Relevant Level

Low Advanced


Students will be able to communicate with and understand Advanced I level written, spoken, and aural English. Students write and read extensively, participate in group discussions, give oral presentations, practice their listening skills. In this course, the focus is on developing and supporting functional skills for highly nuanced expression and interaction in an English language environment, primarily focusing on making multi-faceted descriptions, analyses, and evaluations. Continued focus will be given to helping students acquire strategies for effective oral communication. In addition, students participate in various kinds of speaking activities in order to develop fluency and accuracy.


Students will …


- Read a various types of text such as:

  • An essay
  • A newspaper interview
  • A magazine article
  • A blog post
  • A product review
  • A news article


    - Gather information and ideas to write the followings:

    • An analysis essay about what makes someone admirable.
    • A descriptive essay about an advertisement for a product, business, or service.
    • A narrative essay about someone or something that influenced you when you were younger.
    • An essay comparing and contrasting two new technologies that can improve lives.


    - Listen to a various types of audio such as:

    • A radio interview
    • A lecture
    • A book review
    • A podcast
    • Watch a video
    • A class discussion


      - Gather information and ideas to:

      • Give a presentation about how to be an effective leader.
      • Role-play a conversation offering advice to help someone become better organized.
      • Present a personal story.
      • Create a role-play about presenting a business plan for a new product.

      Student Learning Outcomes

      At the completion of Advanced I level (first half), students will be able to

      • Highlight and annotate a text.
      • Make inferences about a text.
      • Identify comparisons and contrasts.
      • Organize and develop an essay.
      • Write a descriptive essay.
      • Organize and write a narrative essay and vary sentence patterns.
      • Write a compare and contrast essay.
      • Identify main ideas.
      • Identify details.
      • Confirm understanding.
      • Give a presentation.
      • Stress the syllables.
      • Pronounce unstressed syllables correctly.
      • Use appropriate sentence stress.
      • Use collocations with nouns correctly.
      • Use prefixes and suffixes correctly.
      • Use restrictive relative clauses correctly.
      • Use definite and indefinite articles correctly.
      • Use the past perfect and past perfect continuous correctly.
      • Use subordinators and transitions to compare and contrast correctly.
      • Use phrasal verbs correctly.