Academic Calendar

Enrollment Dates

Classes are offered on an on-going basis throughout the year. Depending on the course taken, course starts vary according to the length of the course, instructor availability, and student interest. Students should contact the agent assigned to them regarding specific class starts. See Academic Calendar for more details. Students may enroll in one or more classes at one time providing there is not a conflict in the schedule. Every effort is made to provide the widest assortment of courses during each academic quarter; however, some courses will not be given every quarter.

Class Schedule


2020-2021 Class Opening Dates

SessionStart DateEnd date
SessionStart DateEnd date
Fall 18/31/202011/25/2020
Fall 29/28/202012/24/2020
Fall 310/26/20201/23/2021
Winter 111/30/20202/27/2021
Winter 21/4/20214/3/2021
Winter 32/1/20215/1/2021
Spring 13/1/20215/29/2021
Spring 24/5/20217/2/2021
Spring 35/3/20217/31/2021
Summer 16/7/20219/4/2021
Summer 27/5/202110/2/2021
Summer 38/2/202110/30/2021
Fall 19/7/202112/4/2021
Fall 210/4/202112/31/2021
Fall 311/1/20211/29/2022
Winter 112/6/20213/5/2022
Winter 21/4/20214/2/2022
Winter 32/7/20215/7/2022


Length of Study

Level Course Code by Subject within Level Relevant Level
Reading Writing Conversation Listening
Basic I R101 W101 C101 L101 Low Beginning
Basic II R102 W102 C102 L102 High Beginning
Intermediate I R201 W201 C201 L201 Low Intermediate
Intermediate II R202 W202 C202 L202 High Intermediate
Advanced I R301 W301 C301 L301 Low Advanced
Advanced II R302 W302 C302 L302 High Advanced


Length of Study

Level Length Required for Completion Hours Required for Completion
Basic I 12 Weeks 216 Hours
Basic II 12 Weeks 216 Hours
Intermediate I 12 Weeks 216 Hours
Intermediate II 12 Weeks 216 Hours
Advanced I 12 Weeks 216 Hours
Advanced II 12 Weeks 216 Hours