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At DREAMIT ESL, INC., we provide high quality ESL instruction to non-native speakers of English in various levels of proficiency in order to ensure that all students, regardless of age (18+), gender, occupation or ethnic background, receive proper support in the classroom to meet their academic, social/practical, or professional needs.


Basic I & II

By the end of the Basic courses, students will be able to successfully interact with native speakers orally and in writing to handle daily life in English speaking countries.

Intermediate I & II

By the end of the Intermediate courses, students will be able to write short academic essays or business reports and to deliver appropriate presentations in either setting.

Advanced I & II

By the end of the Advanced courses, students will be ready to prepare for standardized tests, produce and comprehend longer texts and presentations, and engage native-speakers on a variety of subjects from marketing to philosophy.

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Course Goals

Our highly qualified and experienced staff provide the best quality instruction and counseling to our clients. At DreamIT ESL, Inc., we strive to meet the individual needs of each student to the fullest extent.